Free Shungite Skincare – Make Shungite Paste for PRO-AGEING


Shungite stone powder, made into a paste, has many effects when applied on the skin. It rejuvenates the skin, making it clean and elastic as well as reduce inflammation. It is also claimed that using Shungite on the skin brings the skin its original feel, vitality, and softness. As Shungite nourishes and regenerates tissue with natural minerals and fullerene carbon contained within it alleviates oxidative stress put on the skin.

Shungite crystal powder can also be used to exfoliate and polish the skin. It is an enriched nourishing body scrub to improve skin texture and preserve youthful-looking skin. Shungite powder can rejuvenate cells and clear dead skin cells.

Due to the presence of fullerenes (C60) Shungite has a quite different chemical composition as compared to other carbon based minerals and this chemical composition has resulted in many health benefits. C60 has been tested and it reverses some of the effects of ageing.

✔️ 1 bag = 4oz = lasts 1 month
✔️ Shungite powder doesn’t expire
✔️ Recommended usage = once per week
✔️ Although, the effects of shungite paste can feel instant, it is recommended to use for at least 6 months for more evident results

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shungite powder
Free Shungite Skincare – Make Shungite Paste for PRO-AGEING
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