Shungite Stone Powder – For Skin Care & Orgonite

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Shungite stone powder, made into a paste, has many effects when applied on the skin. It rejuvenates the skin, making it clean and elastic as well as reduce inflammation. It is also claimed that using Shungite on the skin brings the skin its original feel, vitality, and softness. As Shungite nourishes and regenerates tissue with natural minerals and fullerene carbon contained within it alleviates oxidative stress put on the skin.

Note: Shungite is messy, so make sure that you protect any sensitive surfaces when applying this mixture onto the body. Make sure that you use a soft wet sponge with wash soap or gel to remove all stubborn powder stains. Shungite seems to be difficult to wash, but it doesn’t leave stains when washed properly.

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shungite powder
Shungite Stone Powder – For Skin Care & Orgonite
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